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Jamie: I do not simply wear pantyhose, I make a point of it. They emphasis my well shaped long legs, and when I'm in pantyhose I'm always the center of attention! We girls love attention, and pantyhose are my little secret to make all those great guys around turn their heads my way.

Domino: Like all other girls at our site I'm a dedicated pantyhose wearer, but I have one more reason to do so, and it's very personal. I simply find pantyhosewearing very erotic! Erotic massage all day long, isn't that great? I also like to have sex in pantyhose. Check out my videos.

Paulina: I like it when somebody calls me a "pantyhose girl". I think a woman who appears in public not having her pantyhose on just neglects her femininity. I am surely not going to appear in public wearing baggy shorts, faded t-shirt and sneakers. Pantyhose, skirts and good make-up are my style!

Breanne: I like being in good shape. My body is fit, and pantyhose are the second skin for my long beautiful legs. Itís fascinating, all those eyes following me when I go down the street in my favorite miniskirt and a pair of barely black pantyhose!

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