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Another pantyhose reality!

The Strangest of the Strange Places One step beyond in your fantasies about nylon clad women. One final step to logically complete your dreams about pantyhosewearing girls. You feel that just wearing pantyhose on legs, however good, is not enough to show the admiration by this part of womenís clothes we all stick our fantasies to.

Our rules require girls to always be in pantyhose from head to toe, sometimes with pantyhose on legs and head, but we always include one picture in every set where the girl is without pantyhose over her head (know the difference).

Itís a real thrill to see pantyhose clad girls with the usual clothes on. Office workers with pantyhose over Their arms and bodies and the usual jackets on, with the elaborate makeup and pantyhose over the head.

Total pantyhose wearing keeps housewives constantly horny, thatís why they wear pantyhose over the head and under the dress while doing their housework. Elegant ladies totally encased in pantyhose and with evening dresses on, longing for wet pantyhoselicking games.

Drops of cum on the pantyhose covered faces. Thick dicks throbbing in the pantyhose covered mouths. Nylon distorted faces of women who enjoy being anally fucked. Red slick tongues licking sheer material, drunk women too horny to resist.

Fancy world, isnít it? This world exists. We created it for you, carefully photographed and videotaped. Cum inside, discover the new horizons for yourself, experience the feelings you only dreamed of until today. Show our pictures to your wife or your girlfriend, and maybe (who knows?) one day when youíre back from workÖ

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Girls are all over the body in nylon, even head. In this action is something like bondage but in pantyhose and nylon. I've got some new sensations with this site. Maybe it happend because I haven't seen content like this before.

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